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    Centre for Internal Quality Assurance (CIQA)

     The Centre for Internal Quality Assurance (CIQA) of School of Distance Learning and Continuing Education, Kakatiya University was established vide ………..………in accordance with the UGC (ODL) Regulations 2017 dated 23rd June, 2017. This Centre intends to take care of the quality aspect of diverse activities of the SDLCE in accordance with the guidelines of National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) and UGC DEB. Accordingly; the Centre has been functioning promoting quality assurance and working out the procedural details.

    Objectives and Functions of CIQA

     The functions performed by the Centre for Internal Quality Assurance of SDLCE are mainly the following:

    1. Preparing PPR (Programme Project Report) for all programmes, obtaining approvals from the University statutory bodies and to ensure its implementation.

    2. Monitoring and developing Self Learning Materials as per the guidelines of UGC DEB.

    3. Developing annual plans for quality enhancement and ensure implementation.

    4. Development of quality benchmarks and collection of best practices from other institutions.

    5. Organizing Training, workshops, seminars for quality improvement.

    6. Conducting system based research and suggest for improving the academic programmes and the application of ICT in educational delivery mechanism.

    7. Obtaining the feedback of the Stakeholders.

    8. Adopting measures for quality improvement through periodic accreditation and audit.

    9. Record activities, develop reliable statistics and prepare Annual Report.

    10. Coordinating, recognition and accreditation of the University.

    11. Reporting of CIQA activities to the Authority for continuous improvement of the SDLCE in terms of quality standards.

    CIQA –Committee Members




    CIQA Action Plans