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Frequently Asked Questions

The students of distance mode have the benefit of studying a course and also do their job simultaneously. Since the classes are conducted on Saturdays, Sundays and other holidays it will not disturb their work. Thus, they can study and earn without any restrictions.

Generally, admissions are notified during July of every year as per the UGC specified dates. Admission notifications are published in the newspapers and are posted in our website. Admissions can be sought through online mode, choosing the study centre of your choice.

Yes, there is an eligibility criterion similar to that of regular courses. But there are no age restrictions.

If you are a permanent employee, you can take the permission from your authorities and apply for admission. It is better if you inform your organisation and then take admission. However, we do not ask for any letter from your employer.

Yes, the courses offered in distance mode are equivalent to that of the regular courses as per the UGC DEB rules. They are recognised by the UGC and are treated as equal to the regular courses by all means. They have equal priority in employment opportunities.

Absolutely there are equal to the regular courses and have equal status. It is valid for any employment in State or Central Government as per the UGC norms.

The Institutions/ Universities offering open and distance mode courses have to apply for UGC recognition and then only they can advertise the courses for admissions. Therefore, the courses are Recognisied by UGC and there will be no problems further. This can be verified in the UGC-DEB website and also in the website of the concerned University.

The University Grants Commission- Distance Education Bureau (UGC-DEB), New Delhi recognises the Institutions and Courses which fulfill its conditions according to the Open and Distance Learning Regulations. The UGC-DEB is the monitoring authority for all Distance Educations Institution/Universities in the country and they specify the rules and regulations to conduct these courses.

The study centres are also called as Learner Support Centres in distance mode education. They are established in recognised Colleges of a University to support the students for providing contact classes and academic counseling, help in seeking admissions and provide necessary information.

Yes, there is an eligibility criterion similar to that of regular courses. But there are no age restrictions.

The Hall-Tickets are uploaded in the University website and the students can download them on specified dates before the examinations. The Time-Table for examinations and related information are provided in the University website. Students are also informed about the examinations through SMS also.

Two Degree Programmes cannot be allowed to be pursued simultaneously. However, a student can pursue two programmes simultaneously through distance mode or combination of distance and regular modes from the same or different Universities / Institutions in various combinations, viz.,.

  1. One Degree and One Diploma/ PG Diploma/Certificate
  2. One PG Diploma and One Diploma/Certificate
  3. One Diploma and One Certificate
  4. Two PG Diplomas
  5. Two Diplomas
  6. Two Certificates

Yes. The students obtaining degrees under distance education are given the same level of recognition and value as offered by regular universities. In fact, no one can discriminate the students enrolled in distance learning and regular courses as per the notification issued by the UGC.

The degrees that get awarded to distance learning and regular learning students are same with no difference at all.



The SDLCE has not authorised any Private Institute or Agent to act on its behalf in the grant of admissions, collection of fees, tutorials etc. and therefore will not own responsibility in the event of anyone being cheated by any such bogus institute or individual. The students are therefore warned not to become victims of cheating practices.

Candidates are advised to apply directly to SDLCE or contact its Authorised Study Centres/ Information Centres individually for application form as well as for admission. Applications for admission received through tutorials or any other agency will be summarily rejected